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Natural products from the Pyrenees harvested in the high mountain

Parc Naturel des Pyrénées Catalanes Agriculture Biologique

ABIES LAGRIMUS - The 'Happy' Fir Tears

Fir syrup is a traditional recipe from the Pyrenees which has been passed down from generation to generation by our ancestors. Thanks to this ancestral elixir, they protected themselves against bad seasons and harsh winters.

Since 2013, Abies Lagrimus has safeguarded and relaunched the artisanal production of fir syrup on the Canigou Massif, in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees Natural Park.

And we are proud today to be able to share with you this delicate and natural product, with many preventive and gustatory virtues, as the Ancients transmitted it to us.

Organic since 2015, we have undertaken to develop our activity through the controlled development of the natural resources of our territory, combining tradition and innovation, to offer a range of gastronomic products unique in the world.

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Natural organic products, obtained from Abies alba fir tree according to an ancestral Pyrenean recipe



Syrups, Vinegars, Balsamic Cream and Fir Peppers : A worldwide-exclusive product line with unique flavors and textures for enhancing your dishes


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