Cônes au sommet d'un sapin
Cônes au sommet d’un sapin

Fir syrup : A secret from our elders

The Pyrenees are mountains that have been inhabited by mankind for millennia. Since then our elders have known how to use and benefit from the rich and generous Southern French nature.

For instance, before the Romans made use of natural hot springs, mountain dwellers and farmers from Cerdagne and Capcir uplands, Cadi or Andorre were respectful regarding the mountain resources.

Within these lands, they first used cones, buds and branches from high mountain firs in order to elaborate a nectar which helped them overcoming poor seasons and severe winters preventively.

Every family had its own recipe and, during summer, they were harvesting all the necessary ingredients for the fir nectar preparation, during a slow autumn fermentation.
In 2013, we’ve met one of the last elders who was still producing every year his own Fir syrup based on the traditional method inherited from his family, by gently extracting the Fir Tears.

He accepted to give us all his secrets and, thanks to his advices, we have been able to save and revive the traditional production of Pyrenean Fir sirup.
In order to keep his secret, we cannot reveal the process of the creation of our nectar, however we can assure you that the method only uses natural and organic ingredients.

Our partnership with the ONF (National Forests Office), the PNR (Regional Natural Park of Pyrenées Catalanes) and with the monitoring of the ECOCERT organism, which certifies our harvesting as Organic since 2015 and guarantees the artisanal aspect of our activity.

It is above Vernet les Bains and Casteil, above 5500 ft in the middle of the Canigou mountain, the sacred mountain of all Catalans, that we select the most premier firs and organize our harvests.r

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