LAGRIMUS – Organic fir tree syrup

250 ml
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Resulting from an old Pyrénéean recipe, the fir tree syrup is obtained by a several months-long maceration of Abies alba cones in sugar in order to extract their resin.

Its natural amber colour is more or less dark and persistent given the length of its maceration.

The fir tree syrup has strong flavours of red berries, followed by notes of resin and forest.

Abies alba fir tree cones* 55%, sugar* 44%.

*Ingredients are produced by Organic Farmin, certified by Ecocert SAS F32600

Nutritional values
Calories 250kcal/1044kJ
Sugar 63%
Water 35%
Fir tree polyphenols 0,5%
Essentials oils
dont Alpha Pinède


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